For a Life Free of ‎Violence

The project contributes in alleviating poverty and ‎promoting sustainable livelihoods, self-‎employment and income opportunities among ‎women victims of violence who economically ‎deprived and socially marginalized in the Gaza Strip. ‎The specific objectives that will be achieved at the ‎end of project period include that young female ‎victims of violence developed capacities to engage ‎in community development, women victims of ‎violence accessed economic opportunities, and ‎community and formal institutions increased ‎knowledge and sensitization on women's potential ‎economic and productive roles in society. AISHA ‎will apply Theory of Change to promote women's ‎economic empowerment through two levels: 1) ‎Individual change at women victims of violence ‎level (Outcome 1: women victims of violence are ‎emerged with life, technical and vocational and ‎business management knowledge and skills and ‎motivated to engage in community development & ‎Outcome 2: women victims of violence enhanced ‎sustainable livelihoods, self-employment and ‎income opportunities), and 2) Systemic change at ‎community and government actors’ level. ‎

  • 2013-02-01