Shifting ‎perspectives: Engaging ‎men and boys in ‎addressing GBV against ‎women and girls in ‎Gaza Strip"‎

The project advance women's human rights, ‎women participation, women empowerment and ‎peace building through addressing the use of non-‎violent ways to resolve conflicts that promote ‎respect and dignity of women and strengthen the ‎social fabric and social security within the ‎Palestinian families and community contributing in ‎peace building in the region. The project targeted ‎‎75 men from Gaza Strip named “Ambassadors for ‎Women Rights” who trained on women rights and ‎GBV, respectful confrontation, Engaging Men and ‎Boys for Gender Equality facilitated by Promundo-‎US, and how to enhance women situation in the ‎Gaza Strip by getting their rights. In addition, in ‎future steps, they prepared plans and initiatives to ‎advocate women rights targeting university ‎students and staff, engaged couples, Sharia courts, ‎Police, religious community leaders, and NGO/CBO ‎staff and volunteers by different activities. ‎

  • 2015-05-09