Promoting the Human ‎right-based approach to ‎protect the rights of ‎Women with Disability ‎in the Gaza Strip

The project “Promoting human rights-based ‎approach to protect the rights of women with ‎disabilities in the Gaza strip” targets women with ‎disabilities to alleviate their human suffering, save ‎their lives and maintain their human dignity. The ‎project provides psychosocial group counseling; ‎individual counseling sessions via the GBV Mobile ‎Clinic; substance abuse and mental health ‎treatment; referral to professional protection and ‎case management services provided by specialized ‎protection facilities and networks and other service ‎providers; and awareness-raising on Gender, GBV ‎and available protection measures, and women ‎rights in related IHL and IHRL standards and ‎Palestinian legislation. ‎

  • 2018-04-11