Women Can Compete; ‎Innovative Approach to ‎Secure the Long-Term ‎Survival of Vulnerable ‎target Groups in the ‎Labour Market through ‎Home-Based Self-‎Employment


The project offers training, coaching, networking ‎for 30 entrepreneur women and Provide 20 out of ‎them with the needed essential procurements to ‎run their innovation home-base businesses-IHBB in ‎Gaza and the north governorates that hold success ‎factor in challenging humanitarian context ‎characterized recently by the spread of covid-19 ‎and lockdown with high security measures and ‎restrictions on movement. The project targets ‎vulnerable young women from marginalized areas ‎and poor economic conditions affected by COVID-‎‎19 pandemic to support the establishment of their ‎entrepreneurship Innovative Home-Based ‎business, build their Business and life skills, and ‎increase their access to market through networking ‎and building linkages with privet sectors companies ‎and available development opportunities. The ‎project adopted the remote modality considering ‎the covid-19 breakout and security measures‎‏.‏
The project aims at: To contribute to enhanced ‎resilience and sustainability of businesses in the ‎Gaza Strip.


  • 2020-01-01