Comprehensive ‎Protection Response ‎for women at risk and ‎survivors of GBV in the ‎most vulnerable ‎communities of the ‎Gaza Strip


The project consist from 3 phases, 1) elementary ‎phase for one month for the selection of women, ‎identify the suitable vocational training for each ‎participant, prepare the individual plan through ‎individual counselling, and home visits to evaluate ‎the economic situation. 2‎‏) ‏
Implementation phase for 6 months where women ‎attend the vocational training on daily basis and ‎attend group and individual sessions on social, ‎psychological, economic, and legal issues. 3) the ‎third phase is the follow up phase for 2 months ‎where women start their income generating ‎business‏. ‏


  • 2016-02-05