Protecting Children and ‎Adolescents from ‎Gender Based Violence ‎through the Promotion ‎of their Sexual and ‎Reproductive Rights in ‎the Gaza Strip- SRHR

AISHA through equipped the skills and techniques ‎of Parents and teachers to practice PD, and ‎increase their knowledge to eliminate VAC, and ‎aiming to increased awareness among targeted ‎communities on positive discipline and elimination ‎of violence against children, AISHA implemented ‎several activities such as SRHR awareness session ‎for children aged from (10-17) and their parents, ‎Positive discipline awareness sessions for parents, ‎TOT trainings for service providers, organize media ‎campaign phase 2 #, and aiming to provide high ‎quality services to the most vulnerable people ‎‎(women and children) AISHA through ‎implementing new activities such as psychological ‎mobile clinic, mental health clinic and legal Aid Clinic ‎using case management approach, building the ‎capacities of CBOs, Awareness sessions and ‎developing polices by advocacy related to (physical ‎punishment) aiming to alleviate the violence ‎against children. ‎

  • 2017-05-13