Shifting perspectives of ‎men and boys of ‎Masculinity and Gender ‎Equality

The project designed to engage men and boys in ‎building peace through transformative approaches, ‎empowering them with new skills and resources to ‎question and transform rigid and violent narratives ‎of masculinity, and adopt peaceful and positive ‎sense of masculinity. The workshop and training ‎materials addressed the concept of masculinity, ‎importance of engaging men in achieving gender ‎justice and the existing narratives about ‎masculinity, as well as examining power, emotions ‎and violence, and finally conflict transformation ‎and activism. Furthermore, awareness raising ‎sessions and workshops conducted with the ‎school’s students to re frame power through break ‎the rigid ideas about Masculine principles and ‎patriarchy. ‎

  • 2015-03-03