Aisha Association held its annual woman closing festival as an activity within campaign to elimination violence against women


Aisha association held its annual woman closing festival as an activity within the 16 days campaign to elimination violence against women which funded from kvinna till kvinna under the title (all we wish, pain to finish, let's create the future by ourselves).

All we aspire, Pain to expire,,, let's create the future by ourselves

The Celebrationheld in El-Slam Restaurant on Sunday 23/12/2012 and its included graduation for more than 40 Participant from individual empowerment programpartnerships.

The Celebrationmanaged by the social worker Jawaher Brakat, Executive Director of Aisha association Reem frainah begin the speech, where she talked about the Violence against women as it's a cultural heritage that has a long history, also she confirmed that despite all efforts to enhance the status of woman in society, there is a lot of obstacles especially customs and traditions that not subject to any logic or legal or even religious references.Also she confirmed that Aisha Association believes in the importance of empowering women politically, socially, culturally and economically to enable women from participating in the community sustainable development.

Then the specialist Ayat abu Jayab spoke about the services provided by Aisha association within individual empowerment program which is the main activity in Aisha association.

As well as the Celebrationcontained several entertainment paragraphs including folklore and Palestinian heritage like Dabka. On the other side, the Celebrationincluded operate paragraph which entitled (Court of Conscience) which discussed psychological, social, and legal problems for women such as early marriage, and deprivation of inheritance and education, with Lyric and dramatic manner, demanding the law and all in charge people to give women all its right as women form half the society, and they have an important role in the process of sustainable development.

Also the trainees had their share in the Celebration ,where one of them talked about her success story and how she benefit from the program, in addition she spoke about her suffering before joining Aisha which helps her to enhance self confidence abilities .

At last, certificates were distributed to all participants; also specialist worker Jwaher Brakat thanked all those who contributed to the success of this Celebration, and special thanks for the donor Organization Kvinna till Kvinna for supporting Palestinian women in all levels.