Aisha Association for Protection of Woman and Child held a special job fair for the fashion ‎and clothing industry ‎

Aisha Association for Woman and Child protection held a special job fair for fashion and clothing industry. This event is aimed to promote job creation for several university and college female graduates as well as technical or vocational training and education centers’ graduates. This fair was conducted in the presence of representatives from factory owners in the textile and clothing sector, as well as the local employment council.

The exhibition was initiated in the presence of the Chairman of the Association, Mr. Elias El-Jelda, and the Executive Director of Aisha, Mrs. Reem Fraina.

The exhibition included a speech by Mr. Taysir Al-Ostaz, Chairman of Garment, Textile Industries Federation, and a speech by Mr. Mohamed Al-Mansi, Vice President of Local Employment. Also, a presentation by Mr. Karem Okasha, Economic Empowerment and Small Projects Consultant at Aisha Association. In addition, a speech of the project coordinator, Eng. Doaa Al-Louh, was delivered highlighting, the most important achievements of the project.

Moreover, success stories were presented by some of the project’s beneficiaries, through which they talked about the stages of their professional development and the experiences and training they had received during the project.

This was followed by a discussion session between the owners of the factories, the attendance of beneficiaries and guests. The factory owners praised the work of the trainees and beneficiaries of the project and those in charge of the whole project.

All trainees were granted honorary membership in Federation of Clothing and Textile Industry, especially those who displayed their clothing and handicrafts products.

This exhibition comes within the project "Women Capable of Competition: More job opportunities for young women in Gaza City." It was conducted in partnership with German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ). This project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and in cooperation with Palestinian Federation for Clothing and Textile Industry.