Aisha delegation visits the minister of women's affairs Dr. Haifa Al-Agha

A delegation from Aisha association for woman and child protection has visited the minister of women's affairs Dr. Haifa Al – Agha. The delegation – which represented by: the executive director Ms.  Reem Fraina, the coordinator of the projet  " Toward an advanced empowerment of the society to support the legal rights of women and children in Gaza and North Gaza" Ms. Marwa Elwan and the lawyer Asma Abu Lehia – has discussed the ways of cooperation and strengthen the relations and partnership between both parties, in addition to discussing the issue of raising the age of the custody of the divorced mother who refuses to marry. During the meeting, Alagha confirmed on the importance of unification of the law between Gaza and West Bank. she also welcomed the ministry's cooperation with Aisha association to submit a draft law related to custody issue which shall be presented to the authorities in the West Bank. Both parties has discussed also many issues related to woman such as Legislation, rules and the role of ministry in changing these roles for the vulnerable women.